Embroidery Tips

Hungarian embroidery

Hungarian embroidery is a bold and brightly colored, with different flowers and used to decorate table runners, placemats and garments. This form of embroidery its origin in the Hungarian regions such as Kalocsa. Another form of Hungarian embroidery from Matyo region is common on ornate wedding blouses. To complete this type of embroidery, you must be familiar with the running stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch and stem stitch is.

• Find a Hungarian embroidery pattern, then the transfer of the stitching on the fabric with a pencil. For the transfer of the pattern, make sure that you work under a good light source.

• Place the fabric on the bottom hoop and set the upper hoop to sharpen the dust in the ring.

Of course using on of the new computerised embroiderey machines make doing all this a breeze.

• Thread your tapestry needle through one of the designated embroidery thread colors. The pattern give instructions how to use strands of floss. Stitching design in the order shown in the pattern instructions.

• Embroidery design any flower in the pattern you have chosen. Again, follow the stitching sequence described in the pattern.

• Plug the center of each flower, then insert the inner petals. After stitching the centers and the inner petals, stitch the outer leaves.

• Take your embroidery fabric from the hoop. An overview of the inner and outer lines with small turning stabbing, then work a row of chain stabbing between the outside and the inside lines to create a filling to the brim.

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